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What is an ADU?

Are you thinking of building an Accessory Dwelling Unit?  Also known as an ADU, Granny Flat, Tiny Home, In-law unit, back yard cottages, and the list goes on. Homeowners and Homebuyers have to be more creative now than ever due to the California housing crisis.  So whether you are looking to do garage conversion, build a Jr ADU, or a detached/attached ADU make sure you hire a professional Architect or Team to help draft your plans and make them come to life. The most important aspect of a design is meeting city requirements, sustainability, cost efficiency, and lifestyle comfort.

Whether you are looking to create housing for a loved one or generate long-term cash flow by renting out the main house or adu, you will thrive! No matter what you call them, ADUs are an innovative, affordable, and effective option to solve our housing crisis. Call today for free ADU Consultation @(619)639-1888

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ADU Programs

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Cash out & Refi

Refi your house or investment home and use your equity to build an ADU.

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Renovation Loan

Renovation Loan. Purchase a house and use the remaining loan limit to build or renovate your ADU.

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CalHFA increased there ADU grant from 25k - 40k

Tips: What finance options do you have available, create a budget, request bids from reputable contractors, consult a local Architect to design your needs

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Free Standard ADU Building Plans

If you live in one of the unincorporated communities of San Diego,  pre-approved plans may be used depending on your design. Consult with your local city and planning department.

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Call for a Free ADU Consultation

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